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Replace YOUR OLD Regulator Board: Sabina simply replaces the entire analog regulator board replacing your 1980’s

technology with a new digital regulator bringing your equipment up to 2017!

Total Digital Control

  • Peer-to-Peer Communications

  • Built-In Programmable Control Functions

  • 40 Character Back-Lit Display

  • Friendly, Easy Menu Structure

  • Function Blocks for PID, Winders, Orientation, etc.

  • RS232 Serial Port

  • Extensive, Flexible I/O

  • Modern, Compact Packaging

  • Easy Configuration Saving & Cloning• Built-In Automatic Field Controller

  • Easy & Reliable Auto-Tune

  • Tach, Encoder & Arm Volts Feedback Standard

Reasons to Retrofit

Far lower costs than buying a complete new drive. The enclosure, input circuit breaker & power wiring in the original

cabinet need not be replaced. The 8800-power bridge is a work-horse, none better, with large SCRs, massive heat-sinks

& premium armature contactor. Superior parts for a long life! The new digital board has communications capabilities

with other PLCS & systems. The digital regulator has diagnostics & fault display for ease of trouble shooting.