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Instructor: Vince Tjelmeland
We offer basic training for maintenance, engineering or information management. Our courses are designed especially for your industry and can be given in our training center or onsite at your location.  Our qualified trainers all have practical, professional experience, as well as the know-how to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.  Each student will learn to recognize classic drive trouble symptoms and how to quickly resolve common problems. Our 3-hour training seminar is provided on a flexible schedule to match customer requirements and is available Monday thru Thursday, from 4pm until 7pm, with dinner to follow.   
Course Objectives:                                                                

·        The four blocks of a DC drive

·        Diodes, SCR’s & Phase Control

·        Regulation

·        Relay logic in a drive

·        Power on tests

·        DC Motor Basics
We will run a DC Drive & Motor with a load.  Then use a Fluke 123 scope meter to check voltages, waveforms, and current waveforms. Who should attend? Anyone maintaining, applying or operating AC drives. An electrical background is helpful but not necessary.  This 3-hour seminar is $95.00 per person, with discounts available for groups of 4 or more.  Sodas & Snacks will be provided during the class, with Dinner to follow.   For Info Please Contact: Sales @ 714-956-0480 or Email us at [email protected] Onsite Training and Customized Seminars on your equipment are available.
When: Mondays thru Thursdays
Time: 4 pm to 7 pm
Price: $95.00 each
( Discounts available with groups of 4 or more )