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Sabina's President and Owner, Vince Tjelmeland, began his racing career back in 1976 running in the SCCA Formula Ford class. By 1982, he had moved to off-road racing and was winning championships in buggies. He then moved to the Mickey Thompson Stadium off-road series and won the drivers and manufacturers' titles in 1986 and again in 1989. During this time, he also competed in the SCORE off-road World Championships at Riverside Raceway and won titles in 1985 and 1986. Starting in 1989, he started to run a limited schedule of CRA Sprint Car races at the legendary Ascot Park in Gardena. These high horsepower cars offered challenging racing and soon, he transitioned to road racing in the vintage circuit.

In 2009, Vince and his former Crew Chief (Carl HIggins - pictured in the front right with the lime green 1088 shirt) got back together for another 11 plus years of off-road racing in the SCORE International Off-Road Racing, SNORE (Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts) and M.O.R.E. (Mohave Off Road Racing) series' capturing the Class 10 Championship in 2015 with M.O.R.E.

Off-Road racing became a family sport with Vince's family loving to race as well. His wife Sue, Adam and his wife Jessica, Shane and his wife Lauren, Cody and daughter, Brianne, all loved the drive and "co-dog" for the races.

Sue and Vince ready to get racing.

Cody (Left) and Adam (Right) smiling after a nice finish!

Daughter (Brianne - left) and Daughter-In-Law (Lauren - Shane's wife) ready for the Powder Puff Race

Jessica Tjelmeland - ready for Powder Puff. In this race, the guys have to pit for the girls! Tons of Fun!

Vince and Shane after Rage at the River in Laughlin

Sue and Shane in the Sportsman Baja Bug

Looks like a little rain in the future! dust!

Adam and Shane rolling along quickly towards the finish

The team (all volunteers) will work for a warm Beef Stroganoff dinner, just ask Christian! Dragonflies and all! What a trooper!

Jessica and Adam racing at State Line......oh how we wish we were flies
on the wall in the car when he hit that turn!


Sabina Precision Prep has been involved in racing for over 40 years. Sabina Prep Manager, Bob Morris, has been directly involved with racing throughout the 1970’s. Bob prepared a host of race-winning formula cars culminating in his being the Crew Chief/Team Manager for the 1976 SCCA Formula Ford National Champ Dennis Firestone. Bob later went on to also Crew Chief the 1979 USAC Super Vee National Championship March chassis driven by Dennis Firestone. Seen below, this same car was restored to its former glory by Sabina Prep.

Today, Bob and his dedicated team restore and maintain a stable of high-quality vehicles in their 60,000 square foot facility Anaheim. With their resources, they can build and dyno new engines, computer map engine management systems, repair tubs, fabricate new winds, wing bars, skirts and many other race car parts.

Today, Sabina Prep is focusing on vintage race cars with their drivers competing in events around the country.
We provide trackside support for your vintage racing program at events with professional organizations such as SCCA and VARA. SCCA is the largest vintage car racing member organization on the West Coast. Race fields are made up of production and sports cars through 2000, with a focus on fun and competitive, contact-free racing.

With the focus on "fun" - the pit often includes the Sabina "pit mouse" (Peso, far right) and her sisters (Bailey and Chula).

With our love for racing and adventure, Sabina also sponsored Robin Shute for his 2019 Pike’s Peak Unlimited Class Win (9:12.476). The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a 12.42-mile “Race to the Clouds” that takes place every year since 1916 in Pike's Peak, Colorado.