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Rubber Industry

Rubber Banburies, rubber calendars, rubber mills and extruders. Sabina has been heavily involved in the rubber industry since our inception back in 1969. We have built some of the most rugged and heavy-duty drive systems used in the manufacturing of rubber products on both the west coast and mid west. We know what it takes to survive in the harsh environment associated with the processing of rubber.


Steel Industry

Steel slitters, uncoilers, recoilers, cut to length lines, and mills. Sabina knows what it takes to move the largest tonnage of steel thru your plant. We have done complete lines as well as retrofits to upgrade existing line which used Motor Generator Sets. Using the latest design PLC, technology, to integrate a complete system and MMI technology to give the operator the best display of data, we can improve almost any existing steel line.

Corrugated Industry

Double backers, single facers, die cutters; we at Sabina have seen them all. We know the challenges that face a drive system operating in your harsh, moist and dusty conditions. Turning your process line is one part of the challenge, but running trouble free for 10 or more years is what will truly help your factor succeed. We understand the around the clock operation you run and the need for ZERO down time. We design all our systems to meet or exceed your expectations.

Waste Water

Sabina has been building hundreds of control panels for the waste-water industry. Our scale and efficient operation has allowed us to be  very competitive in this market.